Employment Opportunities

As it relates to our staff, our mission is:

“To actively recruit and retain the highest level of talented professionals whose skill, creativity, and integrity make us a market leader.”

Current Openings

If the current openings don’t match your skill level, we are always looking for talented professionals to join our team. Please feel free to submit your resume to cpa@kwccpa.com

Make a change.

Not only do we help our clients optimize their business; we give the same care and effort to every one of our employees. We provide our associates with the platform they need to realize dreams of their own.

Experience the benefits.

  • Work to live; don’t live to work.
    As a CPA, work can feel like a rising and falling tide. There are predictable times, like the busy tax season, when a 40-hour work week might not cut it; however, we’ll never let you get pulled out to sea. We know that our best associates are those who enjoy their lives outside of the office as well, therefore the intensity of the winter and spring time is balanced by a lighter summer schedule.
  • Your team, your family.
    Teamwork keeps our employees efficient and our clients happy. Clients gain confidence knowing that their work is being handled with a depth of resources. Like you learned in preschool, sharing is caring; our office is no different. We share guidance, experience, and skills. Teamwork is not only a more fun way to work, it’s absolutely essential for us to deliver the services our clients need.

We have specifically structured our organization to encourage teamwork. The more seamless the internal team is, the more confident our clients.

  • Internal growth.
    Just as we’re here for our clients, we’re here for our team. We encourage our employees, ensuring they are technically proficient and up on the latest laws, certifications and techniques as well as confident and capable in skills such as public speaking, interpersonal communications and client management.

Our employees are not only the face of KWC; they are the thinkers and the collaborators. That’s why we do everything in our power to make our employees the best they can be.

  • External growth.
    We’re constantly seeking ways to improve; improve our business, our client interactions, and our efficiency. This continuous movement begins with our team. We provide you with opportunities to grow so KWC can do the same. Career paths at KWC are clearly defined and opportunities abound.