Wholesale & Manufacturing


The post-recession economy finds manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale companies in a competitive environment. These companies are struggling with identifying the best methods to manage:

  • Production Capacity;
  • Warehouse Space;
  • Shifting Distribution Channels; and
  • Volatile Equity Markets.

They are challenged to find stability and growth through low cost structures, product and sales innovation.

In an effort to attain improved operations during these challenging times, many manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale companies are leveraging emerging technologies and modifying their supply chain strategy. The timely application of real-time data can lead to improved decision making and cost-saving efficiencies.

KWC serves Virginia Manufacturing and Wholesale

We serve clients throughout the manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale sector, from US and international manufacturers to their distributors and suppliers, providing us a deep knowledge of the issues, business structures, and operating models these companies are considering as they face the challenges of the post-recession world.

No matter what business challenge you’re facing, KWC personnel have worked with companies facing similar challenges. We draw on the collective knowledge of our personnel to provide insights and observations in providing accounting, tax, audit, and business consulting services.

Contact a KWC Accounting Specialist

Steven Biegler

CPA – Managing Principal
• 40+ years of experience in Accounting, Tax, Audit and Business Consulting
• Graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University

Marilyn C. Dove

CPA – Manager
• 30+ years experience in accounting and taxation
• Graduate of West Virginia University